How to Seo for Shopify store?

What is SEO?

The definition of SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the art of ranking higher on the search engine in the free section, also known as organic listing. In this blog, we will try our best to explain the very basics of what SEO is? Here is our go at it: SEO is the process of making your site in a way that Google likes to show at the top of the search result for a search of certain keywords. 

How Google actually rank your site? 

First, let’s talk about how Google sees your Shopify store, Google sent out Google bots (also name spiders) to crawl your pages and examine your content. The spider goes back to the Google server and stores your page information as an index. Whenever you are searching on Google, you are actually searching the index, not the live website. 

The ranking process basically goes like this:

  1. Search queries are inputted on Google.
  2. Google checks the index (a copy of the website stored in the Google server).
  3. Google ranks the Website based on the quality/relevancy of the index.
  4. Google shows the result of the search as SERP(search engine result page ).

Why should you SEO for your Shopify store?

SEO is a must-have skill for any e-commerce entrepreneur who wants free and consistent traffic. As we all know, more traffic means more sales. Traffic is the “oxygen” of your e-commerce business. If your store is solely depending on paid-traffic to gain sales, you are literately put your business on a ventilator.

You wouldn’t want to pay an out of the roof ad cost everyday right? Implementing SEO for your marketing is a slow process but a bright one. Unlike other types of marketing channels such as Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, or even Pinterest Ads, which will give your site an instant boost of traffic. Take Facebook ads cost as an example, CPM(cost per thousand impressions) of Facebook ads has increase more than 220% from 2017 to 2020. The cost of paid-traffic is growing every day, and once you stop paying for those ads, your store traffic will drop like a ball fall off a cliff. So, start your SEO with your Shopify store now, strive for free and consistent traffic, and gain a truly passive income. 

Key takeaways from this article: 

  1. Make sure your site is easy for Google spiders to crawl. 
  2. Make sure your content is easy for Google to understand.
  3. Make sure your content is relevant to the search queries.

You might think:“ This is just oversimplified. There is just so much stuff that need to be studied before even starting SEO. How do I actually implement SEO for my Shopify store?”

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here at SEO Ant, we will guide you through the toughest parts of the SEO journey. Each feature of SEO Ant will ensure your site is well-structured, comprehensive, and relevant. We will help you to grow your Shopify store to gain a truly passive income.

What’s more, we will also upload some well-written contents for you to study and learn every aspect of SEO, and one day you will become the SEO master yourself. Our purpose is to help you get there.  

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