Broken Links Repair

Click on Broken Links > Unsolved 404 Errors

  1. “/” represent a homepage.
  2. Redirect your broken links to your homepage by typing “/ ” to the column(2).
  3. Click Save to finish the broken link repair.
  4. Click Ignore if you don’t want to fix it for the moment.

1. Click the ignored link you wish to edit.

2. Click on Reduction to bring the broken links back to Unsolved 404 Errors for further Edit.

3. Click on the BIN if you wish to delete the link.


How to manage 301 redirects?

Click Broken links > Manage 301 Redirect

  1. Click the check box of the link you wish to redirect.
  2. “/”represents the homepage.
  3. Type in links you wish to redirect to or simply type ”/ “ to redirect your link to the homepage.
  4. Click on Save to finish the redirect.
  5. Click on ignore if you wish to work on it later. 
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