EU Cookie Bar ‑ GDPR Consent Frequently asked questions

Q : Where do the badges display?
A : Once you enable the banner, the application will load some remote JavaScript code into the pages of your shop’s storefront by using the Script tags API provided by the Shopify for developers. This JavaScript Code will NOT modify the theme (look & feel) or any content of you storefront pages at all. It will only make available the banner based on the settings that you have configured through this application’s Page. All visitors of your store will see the banner when they access your store’s pages. The JavaScript code will keep loading as long as the banner is enabled. Whenever you disable the banner or if you uninstall this application, the code will automatically be removed and the banner will loading.

Q : The app won’t work?
A : Please ensure the banner is enabled using the switcher below -please ensure you hit Save Settings in the top right.If you would like to test the app – and you are not viewing the store from Europe. Please ensure that the ” Show banner just for EU countries ” setting is set to “OFF”

Q : Can I configure the banner before I enable it?
A : Sure thing! Here, in the settings page you can select the text, the position and the colors of your banner, The app will generate a preview. If you like it you can enable the banner from the dashboard page and make it available on your store.