Page Speed+SEO Image Optimizer Frequently Asked Questions

For Preload

Q : How does this feature help my store?
A : Amazon and others found that cutting 100 milliseconds of latency improve sales by 1%. This app will help improve your conversions.

Q : How does this feature work?
A : When your customers hover a link for more than 65 ms, this app will automatically request the link’s destination. This typically results in an average perceived reduction of latency of 200-300 ms.

Q : Will there be an increase on my page speed scores/Why there’s a decrease on my page speed scores when testing in GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights? And why?
A : Page Speed Boost uses the cheating latency which helps you preloading a page right before a user clicks on it. The app does not actually change the page load speed of your website, it preloads links on your website for your visitors.
So if you test your website speed on GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights, there won’t be any changes on your page speed scores. If you encountered any difference at scores, it’s not done by our app.

For Image Optimization

Q : How long will the backed up images stay?
A : 45 days.

Q : Which compression type should I choose?
A : We recommend lossless compression.

Q : If I’m not happy with the results, can I get my original images back?
A : Yes, there is an button to restore all/single images. Please be sure to restore your images before uninstalling the app.

Q : Why image alt-tags are important?
A : Search engines don’t physically see images the way people do. Alt text is an option that allows you to specifically describe the image. They should describe what you will see in the image perfectly. There is strong evidence that the search engines are giving more weight to Alt Tags for images.