SEO Master Frequently asked questions

Q : Will this app improve my Google Rankings?
A : Yes, this app optimizes your entire shop to improve your Google Rankings.

Q : What does this app do?
A : * On-Page SEO Optimisation
* Automated Template for Meta Tags
* Automated Template for Image Alt Text
* 404 Broken Links Daily Report (emails to let you know when you have unresolved 404s)
* Broken Links Repair
* Add JSON-LD Structured Data to enhance your Search result
* Index/No index – more advanced meta robots settings
* Dofollow/Nofollow – more advanced meta robots settings
* Google Search Console to view your visitor data
* Sitemap Submit to help Google quickly index you pages
* One-Click generate product tags for each product

Q :Can this app slow down my shop?
A : Having this app installed can’t slow down your shop.

Q : How can I get help?
A : Click the button in the lower right conner to contact us, we will do our best to help you.