Sticky Add To Cart Frequently asked questions

Q : Why is my “Add to cart bar” not showing up?
A : 1. Check if the switch is on.
2. Check if the ” device stttings ” are set correctly.
3. Check if the value of ” show after % scroll ” is set too large, you can try the lower value.

Q : Is this app Integrated with your currency converter app / shipping rates calculator app?
A : We are sorry, there is no integration yet, but we are integrating.

Q : How do I modify the position of qucik buy bar ?
A : You can modify the value and adjust the position in the following CSS code, and add the modified code to ” Advanced Settings -> Custom CSS “

.giraffly_Quickbuy {
    top  : 6px;
    right: 6px;

Q : Will the code remain in my store theme after uninstalling the app?
A : There is no code left, because we didn’t modify any content of your store theme.

Q : How can i change the size of button/product title font/price font? How can i display the confirm button ?
A : We can achieve many style modification through custom css. Here are some examples, you can adjust the number until it fits your store.

Text font size (Product title,Price, Compare at price) 
    For PC
        font-size: 14px; 
    For Phone
        font-size: 14px; 

Do not show "Confirmation Bar"
        display: none !important;

Make ATC Button wider on the PC
        min-width :10rem !important;

And so on ...