WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart Frequently asked questions

Q : How do I uninstall the app?
A : The app is built with Shopify’s recommended Script Tag method. This means that all code will be deleted when the app is removed from your apps list in the Shopify admin.

Q : Can I import subscribers to Firepush system?
A : We are sorry for that, but we will have this feature later.

Q : Will this app slow down my website?
A : No. WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart code loads asynchronously, which means it will never block or slow down other parts of your website. Web page analysis tools might show you that this app loads after other apps, but that is how we intentionally designed it.
Your page load speed will not be impacted by WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart , because WebPush‑Recover Abandoned Cart assets are not on your site’s critical render path. What’s more, images and stylesheets are delivered by a global CDN to keep load time to a minimum.