MNG Kargo - Shopify App Integration

MNG Kargo Entegrasyon Uygulaması ile Kargo Kolaylığı Yaşayın

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MNG Kargo - Shopify App Integration

$44.99 USD
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$44.99 USD
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What's included

Install the app safely.

Any Shopify theme can be integrated.

Checkout recharging

Setup and configurations

Troubleshoot and resolve problems

What's not included

Shopify trending product app Cost 

Girafffly is committed to helping our customers manage successful companies, we make every effort to give easy and convenient guidance when integrating any Shopify application, so that you don't have to struggle yourself.

Our Shopify experts are able to get you up to speed so that you may take advantage of the success of your shop in no time. We will help you add new Shopify Apps to your business and build bespoke applications which go beyond the fundamentals to enhance the ROI of your eCommerce store.

Are you looking to help install the Trending Products App in your shop? We will help you to install the Trending Products app. You will not have to do a thing. Moreover, if you also need help with configuration of Shopify application, our experts can help you set it up right away. We work with great speed to expand our customers' companies. In conjunction with software, we use the Shopify knowledge to deliver world class support for app integration.

Disclaimer: There may be a requirement for an extra fee from the Trending Products app, which provides value to consumers at the same time. Setting up the Shopify Trending Products app in your Shopify shop, on the other hand, may be difficult at times; nevertheless, Hulkapps and its Shopify specialists will help you setup the Shopify Trending Products app in your store according to your requirements, ensuring your success!

Advanced Sourcing and
Fulfillment Service

All the products are handpicked by our Shopify experts and sourced from the best suppliers in China. Automated fulfillment feature available, so you won't have to worry about shipping at all. 

SEO and Page Speed Optimized

All the stores are SEO optimized to jump-start your free traffic source. You will not have to waste hours learning how to do SEO for your dropshipping site. The site is already SEO and page-speed optimized before being handed over to you.

1-on-1 Shopify Expert Support

A Shopify expert will be keeping in touch with you to communicate the needs in detail. Unlimited revisions are provided if you are not satisfied with the end result.  

No Question Asked Return Policy

Giraffly offers the most flexible return policy in the market. If you are unhappy with our service provided, you will get a full refund without a question asked.

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